24 Hour ECG Holter monitor

A 24-hour ECG is a useful test which records the rhythm and electrical activity of your heart. An ECG can detect problems you may have with your heart rhythm. A 24-hour ECG helps to diagnose symptoms, such as palpitations, which only happen now and again. Sometimes it can show up an abnormal heart rhythm that might need treatment. It can also help reassure patients if the results are normal. 24-hour ECG monitor continuously records electrical activity of the heart for the whole day or more, making it possible to assess overall heart rate and presence of transient arrhythmias (heart rhythm problems) which may be missed on standard ECG that only runs for a few seconds. The monitor is about the size of a mobile phone and attached to a belt or hung around the neck. You will be asked to keep a diary of any symptoms so that their correlation to recorded ECG is possible.

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